ZENBRE Z3 is a 10-W portable wireless speaker that boasts ten-hour battery life with a crystal clear sound and an enhanced bass resonator.


Disclaimer: Observations of a non-techy person.

A month ago I received a package all the way from China bearing this wonderful portable wireless speaker called Zenbre Z3. It felt like I’ve lived under a rock because I’ve never heard of this brand before until my student introduced this name to me. He originally asked me to review their product and that he would be sending said product to me. I was really curious and excited at the same time. Getting a package in the middle of October? Christmas definitely came early!

I was giddy like a kid, alright. And upon receiving the package, I unboxed it right away!

Here’s a look inside!

-ZENBRE SoundBank Z3 unit

-a USB charging cable

-an audio cable

-a user manual

-ZENBRE SoundBank Z3 sleeve/pouch

There are three colors available for this unit: black, silver, and yellow. I got mine in black and it ain’t too shabby at all.

Getting into the specifics, I want to break it down by citing specific specifications from their website. I’ll also be sharing some of my thoughts and observations accordingly. But before I forget, you can visit their website when you tap on this link http://www.zenbre.com/

Z3: Outstanding audio performance delivers a qualified listening experience even CROSS A WALL

Observation: It delivers powerful sounds especially indoors but not powerful enough when played outdoors. Best for small offices or small apartments. I think, by default, the volume level of Z3 is at 100%, so when you play your music at 100% volume from your smartphone, expect it to sound four to fives times louder. You can always tone it down by tapping the -|<< button on your Z3 unit or you can lower the volume from your smartphone.

Z3: Double 5W speakers and enhanced BASS, combined with resonator for High Definition sound

Observation: One of the first things I’d noticed is how clear and how clean the sound is. The first time I played some songs from my phone, which I’d successfully paired with Z3 with ease, I thought my ears had gone to heaven because of how good and smooth the songs sounded to my ears. 

Z3: Up to 10 hours Playtime by rechargeable Lithium Battery with 1800mAh Capacity

Observation: I haven’t really tried using this soundbank for 10 straight hours because I don’t have that luxury of time (I wish). But one thing is for sure, I could use it for 2 to 3 hours for 4 straight days without having the need to recharge it. 

Z3: Available connect to iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, PC with 3.5mm audio cable connected

Observation: You can pair Z3 with another device via Bluetooth or with its audio cable. It is very convenient to pair Z3 with other Bluetooth-capable devices but you can only pair it with another device one at a time. You have to make sure to turn the Bluetooth off all your other devices except the device you want it paired with.

Did you know?

ZENBRE Z3 is on sale! Be sure to checkout Z3 on amazon.com.

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