New Category: 8 Questions

What’s it about?

8 Questions will be mainly about people and what they love doing. I’ve always thought about “interviewing” people..people that I look up to. But since some of them I don’t really get to see in person (like my first interviewee), I just send them 8 questions that they can answer to. I’d let them choose to answer all questions or maybe just some of them if they feel like some questions are too invasive. I promise I don’t try to be too nosy with my questions.

Another thing is, there aren’t strictly just 8 questions because some of them obviously has to have some follow-up questions. But there are only 8 MAIN questions.

There’s a little twist to this new category though.┬áThe person being interviewed will be the one to pick the title when it gets posted here!

I hope that is exciting enough for them as throwing questions at them (and yes getting answers from them too) is exciting for me.


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