Mamas & Papas Armadillo City

Hey, guys! Will be doing a (not so) quick review of Ollie’s new pushchair which is the Mamas & Papas Armadillo City. You might wonder why do I ever have a need for a new pushchair when Ollie’s already a year old. Well, the answer is..

Ever since I’d found out we’d be visiting my sister and her family in Doha, I was already mentally calculating the things I’d need to prepare since we are traveling with a baby. I don’t exactly categorize pushchair as a necessity. Especially when Ollie is already running everywhere. But I have experienced traveling locally with a baby and although the carrier was very helpful I remember being exhausted after carrying Ollie who was only around 5 kgs at that time for a couple of hours. How exhausting would it be carrying OR running after a toddler who already weighs almost 11 kgs?!

So, my hunt for a really good pushchair has begun late last year. I was eyeing some pushchairs since then which included:

  1. a second hand Bugaboo Bee3 which was advertised on OLX;
  2. a brandnew Baby Jogger City Tour on Amazon;
  3. a brandnew BabyZen Yoyo+ but the seller was too shady for my liking; lastly,
  4. a brandnew Mamas and Papas Armadillo City on Lazada (which I didn’t even realize until that moment that I had actually managed to save it on my wishlist. I’ve been crushing on it since early 2016 but I never really considered ordering it then because I never really had any need for it at that time and BUDGET)

To make the long story short, somebody got to Bugaboo Bee3 first before I did. I would have to pay my sister twice the price for Baby Jogger because the shipping fee is too expensive. My love for BabyZen Yoyo+ was not enough to risk and make a deal with a shady seller.

All of these led me to get Mamas and Papas for Ollie instead. And I am actually loving this pushchair more and more now. Ollie seems to really like it very much, too! (Thank goodness!)

So, here’s the real review!

It isn’t the kind of stroller that would fit when folded in the overhead compartment of an airplane. BUT what I really like about it is how it easily folds with a simple twist of the knob and a little downward push of the handle bar. (CUE: Ciara’s 1,2 Step song!)

The Mamas & Papas Armadillo City stroller is small enough to push around narrow spaces.But has big enough seat space for a baby or in my case, a toddler,  to wriggle around.

The seat is well padded and even thicker compared to Ollie’s old pushchair and that means more comfort. Comfort is very important especially when babies have to stay on their pushchair for a long time. They can’t whine like adults do so give them the most comfortable seat if you don’t want them to attract curious strangers by crying. Very loudly.


The canopy is not VERY wide but wide ENOUGH. My sister suggested that I just use a dark blanket or scarf to offer more cover for Ollie especially when she’s sleeping on it. There is also a see-through rain cover that came with the stroller but it doesn’t seem OK to use (although I haven’t tried it yet) but it looks a little suffocating but that’s just me.

The seat can be fully reclined. I have always been worried about damaging Ollie’s back so at least with this pushchair (like all others..pft), her back is well supported when she’s sleeping.

BUT is it really a lightweight stroller?

No, not really. It is actually heavier than her old pushchair but this new pushchair is very sturdy and that, for me, is very important. It probably weighs around 8-10 kilograms.

Also, when it is in its folded form, there is a handle for carrying it. Just don’t remove the styrofoam taped around the handle so you won’t hurt your hand while carrying the folded pushchair. (I wish I could say that you’re one lucky human being if you have calloused hands then you won’t feel much but actually, it still hurts if you’re carrying this slightly heavy pushchair for a long time. It sounds like a metaphor or something but it is known.)


It doesn’t have a travel system, so I don’t think it is appropriate for traveling with a newborn. At Ollie’s age, this is perfect. Just what I need for our travel next week and for our future travels (until she reaches the weight limit for this pushchair, is what I’m saying).

Questions? I don’t have the answer to everything but let’s try it!


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