Well, most people know me as Abing while some people would call me Belle as short for Sheilabelle. One might be wondering where or how I got my domain name for my website. Ollie is short for Olivia¬†and she is my 14-month old daughter. Why “For Ollie – with Love” one might ask? If you are familiar of J.D. Salinger’s For Esme – with Love & Squalor, then yes that is how I came up with the domain name.


A mix of all different things that I really love doing. It may or may not cover topics about motherhood and my experience with raising Ollie. This blog will also feature some of my favorite places that I visited in the past (before Ollie and after Ollie).

I also want to explore more DIY projects and post some of those here on my blog. So if you have any DIY project requests or how-to’s ¬†(i.e. how to make 3D letters) just leave a comment or email me using my contact details on the left.