8 Questions: My DIY Adventures

Disclaimer: This is all about Ms. Myatz DIY adventures and none of it are mine. “My DIY Adventures” is the title she picked for this post. Pictures posted here are all from her unless stated otherwise. 

What inspired you to go DIY in preparation for your wedding day?

I got it from my previous clients since I also work as a wedding host or as a coordinator sometimes.. I feel sorry seeing them struggle mostly on preparations so I promised myself that I would pay close attention to the preparations. And also because I really got into Pinterest, I was inspired to do more crazy and unique stuff not only for wedding preparations but also crafty things that I can make use of during activities with my students so that it will be fun for them as well. 🙂

(I got it from my previous clients.. since nag-sideline ko ug wedding/hosting jobs ug coordinate sometimes.. maluoy ko sometimes na mu-struggle gyud sila mostly sa preps.. so I promised myself na I will really pay effort sa preps. Since na adik pd ko aning pinterest hehehe mao to.. na inspire ko to do more crazy and unique stuffs not just on the wedding preps but also kanang mga crafty things na pwede i fuse sa activity sa ako students para malingaw sila 🙂 )


Being a HS teacher you must have a crazy schedule.. how do you manage your time and squeeze in some DIY activities for your wedding? Because this is a huge DIY project, do you have a timetable for each item on your list?

Luckily, this school year I was able to allocate my schedule into 3 sections only which is why I have a lot of time on my hands. I also have practice teachers who can take over the class sometimes and I took advantage of that! It’s just crazy, Bing, because I don’t have a timetable I just sit down and then do a little research and once I start with whatever it is I am doing I really do try to finish it in one sitting, or sometimes in two days or even in a week. 🙂

(Luckily, this school year gi chop ako schedule into 3 sections only that’s why dako kaau ako oras and also naa man koy mga practise teachers na mo take over sa class sometimes that’s why ni take advantage ko! Hahaha crazy kaau bing wala koy time table i just really sit down then do a little research unya once nga magunitan na nako humanon gyud nako in one setting rajud or sumtimes 2 days or 1 week. 🙂 )


Which wedding “prop” do you find the most challenging to prepare? How did you go about it?

The invitation– it’s the most challenging part because I had to sketch, draw, brush and practice brush calligraphy and then scan everything, then manually cut the envelopes because I don’t have a paper cutter so I literally just used scissors to do it.

It took me 1 month or more and even now I still have some adjustments but I can do it! 🙂

(The Invitation- its the most challenging part i had to sketch, draw , brush and practise brush calligraphy and scan evrything then manually cut all the envelops since wala koy paper cutter so manual jud na scissors ako gamit.

It took me 1 month or more kay hangtod karon naa pa gihapon adjustments but keribells pa man! 🙂 )


I also noticed that you mentioned in one of your IG posts that you collaborated with some people in certain projects.. what particular projects were you working on with other people? How was it collaborating with them?

I actually did collaborate with some of my friends like Ma’am Sheena, she actually nailed every detail that’s needed in the layout. Then it was Abby Villegas for the caricature, she really asked for our pictures so that she could sketch us properly. 🙂 Stuff like that. 🙂

(I actually did collaborate with some of my friends like Ma’am Sheena she actually nailed every details na kinahanglan ug layouting sa computer mao to! Naporma.. then si Abby Villegas for the caricature she really asked for our pictures para masketch niyag tarung 🙂 mga ingon ana:) )

Can you share in the blog a particular item that you worked on and if you can show some pictures of the step-by-step process??








This one, Bing, in the pictures, I created the design on my own.. I bought all the material from the supermarket. 🙂 I paid roughly 250PHP in total to complete these two pieces. 🙂
(This one bing kaning mga pictures gimugna rajud na nako ang design ana.. sa merkado rana nako gi palit tanan materials:) roughly 250 ra tanan ako nagasto ani duha ka piece. 🙂 )


Do you see yourself making a career out of DIY projects?

Well, my husband said I can do it as a sideline work! Really the funny thing, Bing, is there is this well-known wedding supplier here in Ormoc and this person asked me about my DIY activities and wanted to buy some of my works. I was really excited!!!

But maybe..someday if someone would really ask for help I’ll do it as long as I can do it.

(Well, my husband said pwede na daw nako i-sideline hahaha.. bitaw ui funny kaau bing kay naay sikat na wedding supplier diri sa ormoc nag ask jud xa about sa ako DIY and wanted to buy some of my work.. naningning koo!!!

Pero siguro puhon if naa jud magpahimu pwede rah kaau basta kaya lang nako)


Having done some DIY projects myself, I know that it can be a way to be rid of stress but if something doesn’t go your way it can be a source of stress too… how do you deal with that?

It is the best part of my day truly! Whenever I feel so stressed the minute I hold onto a brush or scissors or glue gun I feel better right away. I actually enjoyed the process because it feels like I am just playing.. maybe if you just put your heart into it..you don’t really feel tired and at the end of the day it’s really the best feeling whenever you guys like my posts on IG! Joke!!

(It is the best part of my day gyud tawn! Whenever stressed kaau ko mugunit ra dayun kog brush or gunting or gluegun then ok nako… actually na enjoy ra nako ang process mura raman gud kog nagdula dula.. maybe siguro if you really put ur heart on it.. dili ra jud ma feel ang kapoy hehe at the end of the day nindut kaau ang feeling basta mu like na mo sa IG hehehe joke!!)


When is the wedding?

February 18, 2017 is the big day!


If you guys are interested to see more of her works, you can reach her thru her email address: emmelinemanago@gmail.com.


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